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So PureControl whether it is the future of football shoes? Or shoelaces will still be preserved? We have feet wearing shoes for some time, but she still occasionally surprise us. Needless to say these shoes fit, performance and comfort are not also feel peer generation. It can become in the past decade, the most watched soccer shoe styles, it should be said that there is some truth, let alone for such a crazy design, its performance is not said to be perfect, it is also regarded as commendable. As for the next decade is not no football shoe laces will be popular, we dare not speak, but just from PureControl itself, does have the strength to become one of the best in 2016 and even in the history of football shoes. Adidas also through the introduction of feet shoes that brought us a long time are not seen from them the spirit of innovation, before long, they seem to be copied in the left-old rival Nike. The concept is not without laces Adidas original, but achieved without laces method Adidas indeed unique. If you had still not been revolutionary Adidas soccer shoes for the past, then they all bet on the launch of this crazy product, should make you realize that in the future not to change the world of soccer shoes that may occur turned upside down .

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Yellow Adidas Gloro16.1 soccer shoes and other color using the same technology, which includes the traditional Kangaroo leather upper and outsole, and 12 cylindrical spikes. And each color is the same as before, yellow Adidas Gloro16.1 sells for $ 110 and will be available in July 2016. Adidas released ACE 16.1 soccer shoes black / silver / gold color: As the first color soccer shoes Adidas Ace16 successfully attracted everyone’s attention, Adidas released a strike while the color of the second paragraph of soccer shoes. First “Solar Green” color product success on the pitch and networks of Ace16 soccer shoes round promotion, and now Adidas sent the “black / metallic silver / gold sun” color products presented in front of the public. The new product uses and female models Ace16.1 same color Primeknit soccer shoes with black uppers with silver and gold three stripes logo. No lace design will only appear on this product in not used in Primeknit and leather version products. Adidas as “chaos” makers this year launched the second paragraph of color – black / pink / gold color. Just launched a golden color X15.1 soccer shoes to make way for the new black gold color pink, black uppers let bright pink and gold gradient X-Cage is more prominent, and create a more clean version.

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Instep area and the largest stretch on both sides of the hardest junction region, which is at the end of three bars to make people feel a bit strange, after each shot, we all feel the foot in the shoe has a displacement, first, move forward and then back into place. Sounds, feet in the shoes of the problem seems to be slipping can be alleviated by wearing socks TruSox God, but actually when your foot is in the air force does not act on the insole, so the main reason for this problem is the lack of laces fixed foot caused. In fact, the extent of displacement is not too far, but in the second half of the game, we began to realize that originally bonded soccer shoes appeared in the case of the top foot, that foot position appeared more significant advance . Taking into account the correct design Adidas shoes made for these feet, as well as cross-age significance of these shoes, it is still very impressive. Although often thought of once before pulling loop break to how to wear the shoes we frown, but after all the work from the point of view of feet shoes should be worn for a long time. This is why Adidas in many of its parts are made to consolidate measures to ensure its wearability. So PureControl whether it is the future of football shoes? Or shoelaces will still be preserved?

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his feet shoes for some people might like to buy less than half yards, and some people they may buy according to their normal size, so we strongly recommend you to try before you buy Version Friends of the actual situation. Because, once buy big, so this performance will be unsatisfactory feet shoes, imagine, buy big, not laces tied, wearing these shoes also play football? Also, soccer shoes general assessment, we do not talk and how this issue shoes, but shoes PureControl in this regard is also does have a learning and adaptation process. Beginning to try several times, the crowd gathered on both sides who could not help but Yankouerxiao, they do not understand this, “a pedal” soccer shoes to wear into why such a thing it costs. Well, after many try, and now we have a skilled master of the “shoes skills” here also share a few tips wear a shoelace. First, with the supplied shoe shoehorn too useful. Plastic shoehorn at heel support can make you more smoothly into the heel of the shoes inside. Remember, this double “a pedal” is a pedal does not go, rather need to take some twists and turns to master maneuvers feet into shoes to wear docile skills. Once you finally put foot into the shoe, you’ll realize that the entire foot is tightly surrounded. This is fit and comfort of these shoes provided, of course, softness Primekit uppers have to wait until after wear open softening can appreciate.

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Soccer shoes, bright color, but it does not mean that Macy still need help to stand out foreign objects. “Sunlight Lime” maybe does not meet everyone’s aesthetic, but since the overall color of the shoe of choice for the plum number one, that we can spade. Naturally, Messi will wear new shoes campaign in the next Champions League, and the team tried defending European club champion title. Adidas ready to use about 10 years locked Boge Ba’s future: exclusive reports, Bo Geba ready before this summer’s European Cup a total value of 40 million euros to sign agreements with Adidas. While specific financial terms were not disclosed, but the transaction is guaranteed to get at least four million euros per season Boge Ba, as well as other bonuses. Now the football world is really strange, top players 22 years of age in Europe has not been an official sponsor, actually often wears Adidas and Nike sneakers camouflage and DIY products. Boge Ba broker Rao Iraq has been in constant denial negotiations with Adidas and Nike, only now agreed to the current agreement. Adidas seems ready to establish the brand Boge Ba a brother, the Frenchman will become the user Adidas ACE 16+ purecontrol recently he was wearing a camouflage paragraph actively adapt to the shoes.

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Whether it is before or the latest Ace15 + Primeknit no laces PureControl, they have attracted the attention of the infinite, then Ace16.1 Priemknit in the end what concern it? Indeed, before Primeknit soccer shoes have been widely acclaimed, so Adidas will continue to develop on this basis Primeknit series, we are pleased Adidas did not because the first generation of successful undeterred. We like this feet shoes brings a sense of comfort, performance, and it makes us whole-heartedly focus on the game of ability. After passing through Ace15 + Primeknit, we had hoped that all Adidas soccer shoes instead Primeknit material. Today, we still think so, but also look forward to help low collar may bring surprises. We are also convinced that, although the king has already turned out a generation, but Adidas is still will bring us more unexpected products in 2016. Soccer shoes revolution, and now have the collar, with knitting, with laces. However, revolution is not successful, Adidas needs to be done. Old models emerging: Adidas released Gloro 15.1 soccer shoes blue / white color: Adidas regain first generation Gloro soccer shoes, soccer shoes and give this series a seductive traditional blue and white color. As a classic style Adidas soccer shoes, flip large tongue with elastic belt is essential.

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Adidas offers two choices, daylight lime upper with black and pink three bars, or more traditional black upper with lime and pink three bars. No matter which one, with all its great fit, also won in the test we love. While we worry about the Adidas factory “lime” pigment also enough to use, but since there is overwhelming volt yellow Nike, Adidas naturally needs its own signature color to compete with them.The collar design shoes added also acclaimed. Obviously today’s soccer shoe market, collar technology has occupied the place. But Nike high-top shoes collar looks really too bloated, relatively speaking, Ace16.1 Primeknit help in the design is a good compromise. e15.1 Primeknit but super comfortable, then it is possible to stand the test of whether the new time of it? Shoes, the most important thing is to wear comfortable. Ace16.1 Primeknit can be described in terms of comfort meets or exceeds expectations. And PureControl different, Primeknit configuration will not let your feet from wearing shoes into the beginning of the feeling of being wrapped tightly. It has a process of adaptation, but as long as one or two after the run, you can feel the unique comfort of belonging Primeknit.

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If the hook Neymar foot Mercurial VaporX literally painted Hypervenom Phinish been almost funny, it is difficult to imagine how the three bars X disguised as Ace16 + PureControl, say color, laces difficult ah! Adidas soccer shoes 2016 ruling the market? Let’s take a closer look: so far in 2016, Adidas introduced new speed can be described as breathtaking, it is unprecedented in history. Let’s see how did they open in years and three months after leading the 2016 soccer shoe market. Since the beginning of a no laces Ace16 + PureControl release and occupied the major headlines, various conference Adidas seems to have never stopped. For three months, the market is flourishing without laces PureControl million flowers bloom is the most gorgeous one, starting its solar energy green color is also hard to forget. Of course, in addition to PureControl, some of the soccer shoes with laces same color, such as PureControl Big Brother, Ace16.1 Primeknit, a strong contender for one of these shoes it is this year’s best soccer shoes. Three months three new color, which in itself is the flagship Adidas shoes best evidence.The latest white Ace16.1 Primeknit soccer shoes can be said of art.And Ace different series, X series in 2016 has not yet been upgraded, but the color is not updating it fall behind.

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Perhaps inspired by Nike’s latest Solid Tech Craft suits and Puma have high-grade kangaroo leather evoSPEED SL Adidas launched containing X and ACE two soccer shoes black Fluid and all white Etch suite of products . Two new limited edition color products show Adidas want to continue to accomplish much enthusiasm and determination. Erosion package is designed to show everyone wanted to give the most pure soccer shoes using kangaroo leather high-end products without any other unwanted elements. As expected, all is well, natural colors and soft material provides a comfortable wearing feeling. Leather uppers with a full sense of the future of design, it is really perfect. Adidas released platinum color version X15.1 Etch Pack erosion kangaroo leather soccer shoes: a new version of Etch Pack erosion soccer shoes for the final version of the Adidas X15.1 brought amazing appearance. It combines a synthetic version X15.1 appearance and kangaroo leather uppers. The new Adidas X15.1 Etch Pack kangaroo leather soccer shoes combined with neat white uppers and gold Adidas trademark. Both sides of the X-Cage is white, while the inside of the printing pattern by gold and black lattice composed of different sizes. Collar, laces and outsole are clean and white, no other interference, absolutely pure.

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Adidas still claiming uppers made of three layers of synthetic material, but in Ace16.1, it seems to be a compressed layers of material together, it is more compact, which makes sense from the point of smaller, also led to the appearance of 15.1 and 16.1 differences. Although like dribbling players will love Ace16.1, but we think it is more suitable for players who like to pass the ball. Shoe design, in particular the effect of the buffer before the mentioned repeatedly, so that the ball feel very good. Whether small-scale short pass or long pass wide range of transfer, Ace16.1 performance in passing moment you get outbreaks. The same excellent performance is also reflected in the shot. Perfectly embodies the entire pair of shoes Adidas pursued buffer, and the overall sense of comfort. In order to obtain the same tongue can touch, Adidas added cushioning material beneath the tongue, so that by passing the parts of the shot and the feeling and the feeling of feet face similar. If you hardcore style, the latest Ace16.1 soccer shoes will be competent in a variety of modern football material into contact with. Whether speaking or wear of the sole against the terms of the other players, Ace16.1 can be eye-catching performance. It is worth mentioning is that before we Adidas soccer shoes Ace15.1 opinion on the proposed improvements to be made.